Ohio’s new hemp program lets more shops sell hemp-derived CBD without worry

1Prior to Gov. Mike DeWine signing Senate Bill 57, CBD could only be sold in medical marijuana dispensaries

Using cream containing CBD has become commonplace for Lois Arend, who almost ended up on the operating table.

“It all started with a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. My next step was going to be surgery,” Arend said. “I really did not want to do that.”

Arend said she avoided surgery by consuming CBD oil sold by her son, Dave, at his new shop called Your CBD Store in Anderson Township.

“I started on 500 milligram of the tincture and went up to a 750, and I am pain free,” Lois Arend said. “Pain free.”

He hosted a ribbon-cutting Tuesday, minutes after Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signed a new law that paves the way for the Buckeye State to have a hemp program.

Gerth attended the ribbon-cutting once he knew DeWine supported letting all stores, not just Ohio’s medical marijuana dispensaries, sell CBD products.

“Maybe it’s not for everybody, but for those who have wanted to explore this (CBD) as an option, then great,” Gerth said. “Now we have something close to the east side.”

Arend said customer service will drive success at his shop, especially since CBD products can be pricey.

“Our products range anywhere from $40 all the way up to $275,” he said. “But we’ve only got a handful of customers on a really high milligram that’s working for them. I’d say the average person is probably looking at about $75 to $80 a month for a product that’s really going to be beneficial.”

Arend’s store is one of roughly 400 Your CBD Stores nationwide. But as popular as CBD is, it’s important to note that even though it’s legal in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, CBD is still not regulated by the FDA.

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Post time: Jul-31-2019

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