Company Activities


第一天 08

The 53rd GUANGZHOU CHINA INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY EXPO, held from September 5 to 7, has been successfully concluded. Ningbo Kangyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd also participated in the grand exhibition which included many industries on schedule. Our professional team also brings high quality CBD products to many exhibitors.Then we provides professional consultation.

 第一天 09

第一天 12

Our samples are neatly displayed in the exhibition cabinet for customers’reference.

第二天 9

第二天 8

Many domestic customers are very interested in our products and conduct relevant consultation.Including many cosmetics companies, we made a professional discussion about CBD raw materials.


第二天 16

Many foreign companies’purchasers pay great attention to our fume. We show samples and have in-depth exchanges. Then they buy some samples for testing.We look forward to the next friendly cooperation.


第二天 20

During the exhibition, the staff interviewed our boss. We said that through the exhibition, on the one hand, the company’s products were effectively publicized, and many business partners were made. On the other hand, the market of cosmetics raw materials was initially opened up.


The US Expo has come to a successful conclusion with a full harvest. Let’s look forward to the next exhibition as much as possible!



Post time: Sep-09-2019

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