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Located in Zhejiang Province, China, Ningbo Kangyi Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is the first company established in China to specialize in industrial CBD application product development, production and sales. We can steadily and safely sell our products all over the world.

As a leading manufacturer of CBD in China, all of our CBD raw materials are sourced from organic cannabis plants grown in Yunnan Plateau China. From planting to production, we have the most advanced extraction, detection and purification equipment, the most complete production line, the most professional technology and management team, while adhering to the strictest and safest quality standards.

We have our own CBD extraction plant in Yunnan Province, and we have established the R & D and deep processing base of application products in Ningbo.

At present, we have developed pure natural CBD atomizing liquid, terpene mask, CBD transdermal plaster and other products, and can provide applications for CBD additions in all walks of life. The production lines of electronic fume, mask solution and essential oil have been established, and the capacity of mass production has been formed.

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Excellent Quality

At Kangyi, we have built industry-leading expert technical team to provide the best quality CBD products for companies from all over the world, such as high-purity CBD powder with 99% purity, high-purity full spectrum gold CBD oil, high-purity distillation full spectrum black CBD oil, different concentrations of CBD terpene gold oil, and different concentrations of pure CBD oil and CBD full spectrum oil. etc which are widely used in the pharmaceutical Industry, food, health, beauty and other industries. Our products are well received by our partners all over the world.
All our flowers and leaves have been tested to ensure that their Cannabinoids and Terpenes levels meet our strict standards. All technicians are required to wear professional clothes while following protocols similar to that of the culinary industry. Our expansive laboratory is equipped with innovative airflow systems as well as state-of-the-art industrial fans.
We believe that excellent product quality, competitive price and service are above all.

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