CBD Cream

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300 units of 500mg—USD 3/ piece
300 units of 1000mg—USD 5.5/piece
300 units of 2000mg—USD 7/piece
Material:CBD, Herbal, Organic, Terpene
MOQ:300 pcs
Function:Reduce pain and inflammation, soothing skin problems,Moisturzing
Package:Customized Package
Shelf life:4-5 Years Proper Storage

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Air pollution, dust mites, too much of work and social interaction, bad eating habits, insufficient sleep, strong ultraviolet
radiation, computer radiation... make your skin in a dangerous condition. Our CBD cream will help you and make your skin younger. CBD applied topically reduces redness and inflammation and can help with skin conditions such as rashes,irritation,and acne.
The cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant interact with the endocannabinoids in our skin to soften, smooth, and beautify skin. And it’s not only the cannabinoids. Our CBD hemp extract also includes the vitamin E, the terpenes that give the plants their smell and perhaps most importantly, the rich fatty acids that moisturize.
CBD Cream can improve skin firmness and increase skin water-retaining ingredients, make skin fair, supple, lighten pigments, fine wrinkles disappears, the skin is completely repaired, and it makes you feel youthful. The skin enters a stable state and then after, you can gain anti-aging..
With our array of botanical ingredients, these topical hemp extracts soothe the skin and help you recover after strenuous exercise. The cannabinoids, the terpenes, the Vitamin E, and the fatty acids all help to protect and beautify your skin. It’s truly a superior topical CBD product.

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